UOVA ● 完美蛋燈 + Alison ● DIY 首飾盒
UOVA ● Perfect egg light + Alison ● DIY Jewelry box
編號No. P171220003248

 Alison ● DIY 首飾盒

產品型號 No.:

150092011FB ( 紫 Purple )

150092011FA ( 銀 silver )

規格 Specification:
材質 Material : 不銹鋼 Stainless steel
顏色 Color : 紫 Purple / 銀 silver
包裝尺寸 Package size : 186*186mm
組裝後尺寸 Size after DIY : 31W*31D*45Hmm


UOVA ● 完美蛋燈

材質 Material:ABS + PC

蛋燈尺寸 Egg lamp size:6 x 8 cm

燈座尺寸 Lamp holder size:9.5cm

規格參數 Specifications:

工作電壓 OperatingVoltage:110 ~ 240VAC

充電功率 energy consumption:1 ~ 3W

電池容量 Battery Capacity:300mAh

會員價Member Price $1,300
付款方式 ATM轉帳或銀行匯款、線上刷卡(一次付清)、超商取貨付款、全額折抵免付費
運送方式 貨運宅配、郵局寄送、超商取貨 (萊爾富、全家、OK)
The graceful butterfly ribbon is just like the little loving dance girl Alison is happily dancing around to show you the gorgeous surprise inside the box.
設計師 Designer : 黃郁喬 Jo Huang 
Designer: Jo Huang
She is the one puts ideals into practice. She always uses hand-drawing to record the moment of touching and then transforms it into unlimited possibilities. Although she majored in interior design while studied in Italy, her works involve in the areas of interior, product and graphic designs.  She hopes her creative concepts could be presented to you through spacial and original design works.
組裝說明 :
The stainless steel material is so rigid that it will break after being folded several times. Please read the instruction carefully before starting. Good luck and have fun!
Not suitable for children to use or assemble due to rigid edges and small parts. Use under adult supervision.